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Suddenly, unexpectedly, incredibly, gloriously, Jasper Byrne’s NEW GAME+ returns from the dead. An indie dungeon crawler being wrought by a man who goddamn knows how to make great indie experiences, this title has been dead in my sights since it was just a blip on the radar. Retro aesthetics in the form of some seriously alluring pixel art abound, and Byrne’s hinted at the gameplay resembling something like a cross between old-school Zelda and the Souls games.

Even if dungeon crawling and hack-and-slash sadomasochism aren’t your choice of poison, I think you’re either mad or a really boring person if you haven’t set aside an evening for making love to this beautiful piece of software.

You might say I’m jumping the gun, but it seems my fingers take on a life of their own whenever Demon’s Souls or the like is mentioned. The Souls games may be addictively soul-crushing for some, but us true veterans of Lordran’s depths know that they can also be genital-crushing.

Damned game ads.

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